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JSR Subscriptions

Published by:

SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology

500 S Lynn Riggs Blvd. #329

Claremore, OK 74017 USA

2024 Volume No. 94

Frequency: Online - Continuous Publishing
ISSN: 1527-1404

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Subscription Online: $825.00
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The Journal of Sedimentary Research publishes the most recent advances in basic research in the study of sediments. Research papers in this international journal are concerned with both ancient and modern sediments. Areas of specialty include petrology, petrography, diagenesis of sedimentary deposits and sediments, processes of sedimentation, characterization of depositional systems and environments, stratigraphy, sedimentary tectonics, sedimentary basin studies, sedimentary geochemistry, sedimentary mineralogy, coal geology, orbital forcing, paleosols, carbonate platforms, hydrocarbon reservoirs, and evaporite sedimentology. JSR also features book reviews, meeting announcements, and discussions and replies to previously published papers.

JSR Subscriber Benefits:

The Journal of Sedimentary Research offers:

Quality Content

  • JSR is the oldest journal in the field of sedimentary geology, with a long tradition of careful review, high production values, and outstanding content, Volume 1 was issued in 1931.
  • In an examination of papers in this field published over a 10-year period (Racki, 2002), 8 of the 10 top-cited papers appeared in JSR. JSR is truly an indispensable resource for your library's geoscience patrons.
  • JSR uses a large board of Associate Editors to ensure that the review of every submitted paper is handled by experts who are responsible for recruiting outside reviews from the top workers in the given subspeciality. JSR's acceptance rate of around 50 percent reflects an editorial policy that is dedicated to selecting only the most innovative and high-quality content.

Quality Delivery

  • JSR is hosted online at Silverchair under the Geoscienceworld aggregate.
  • JSR access includes articles for the year 2000 forward in full html and PDF formats. 
  • JSR access also includes the entire archives of JSR articles from 1931 to 1999 in PDF format, with over 50,000 pages and over 5,000 articles.
  • JSR content is fully indexed by GeoRef and other indexing services.
  • JSR's official copy of record is the online version, saving libraries the cost of shelf space and storage. Printed copies are still availableat the SEPM Bookstore

Financial Value

  • SEPM is a non-profit scientific society publisher and makes every effort to keep costs low and quality high. It has no stock holders to pay.
  • Compare the cost of JSR against its competitors. JSR remains the best value in this area of science!

Subscription Terms

The following information applies to both SEPM journals.

Subscriptions are charged and supplied on a calendar year basis only. Please send your remittance with your order to assure speedy and accurate service. Subscriptions are only serviced after payment has been received and are not accepted for less than one year.

To make payments in other currencies. SEPM accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Please provide card number, expiration date, signature, and printed name of cardholder. Please contact Theresa Scott at the Business Office to arrange for payment in other currencies if you do not use a credit card.

No agency discounts will be allowed. When billing your client, add your agency fee to the quoted subscription price. Payments for less than the quoted price will not be accepted.

The SEPM Federal Tax ID Number is 73-0596140.

Editorial Office: Manuscripts prepared in accordance with the "Instructions to Authors", as well as all communications of purely editorial matters, should be addressed to the editor at the address listed on the journal webpage.

Membership Information:  Visit the Society's website,

Abstracts: SEPM publications are abstracted in GeoRef, Petroleum Abstracts, Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, BIOSIS, Scopus and ISI.

For additional information contact:

SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology

500 S Lynn Riggs Blvd. #329

Claremore, OK 74017 USA

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