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SEPM Clastic Diagenesis Research Group

Clastic Diagenesis

Who is this community?

The clastics diagenesis research group focuses on the chemical and mineral changes in clastic rock, especially those affecting  porosity and permeability.

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Upcoming Meeting

Talks and Presentations from 2020:

I.     Mohamed A.K. El-Gahli: “Using diagenesis as a tool for identifying sequence boundary and transgressive surface: an example from the bounding surface between the Cambrian Amin and Miqrat formations, Sultanate of Oman”
II. Wayne K. Camp: "Norphlet Sandstone Diagenesis: Shell Oil Appomattox MC 392 #1"
III.   Tobi Kosanke: “Characterization of Reservoir Quality in Lacustrine Turbidites, Pannonian Basin: A Multidisciplinary Approach”

Questions for this research group? Please contact one of the organizers (listed above) or SEPM headquarters: Cassie Turley,

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